Water Park News

By: Northstar8289
Friday, July 7, 2017

Water Park at the Panorama Hills Community Centre

Summer is here and the temperatures are soaring.  The water park at the Panorama Hills Community Centre is the perfect place to bring the family and cool off.  With the hot weather the park is very busy and we would like to remind members of some park rules:

  • No glass bottles in the park. There are lots of children running barefoot and a broken bottle can lead to a serious injury.
  • The volleyball court is for volleyball only. Parents, please do not let your children play in the volleyball court as a sandbox. The designated sandbox is for children to play in. 
  • We understand that as children play in the sandbox, they and their toys will get sandy but please try to do your best to minimize the amount of sand that enters the water park. All sand that enters the water park makes its way into the drains and either clogs the drains, enters the water reservoir tank or gets sucked up into the pumps and piping which can lead to damage.  If too much sand enters the drains then eventually the park has to be temporarily closed while the sand gets removed and the tank gets cleaned (if necessary).  On a hot day we would not want to have to close the water park for any period of time.  With a sandbox nearby, some sand is to be expected in the water park but please do not allow your children to take buckets of sand into the water park.  Make sure the buckets are empty before children take them to the water park to fill up with water.  We will be adding a thicker, coarse grained sand on Friday, July 14 which should also help as the current fine grained sand essentially turns to cement in the drains and piping.
  • Please no bikes, scooters or battery operated riding toys in the park. The park is very busy and riding a bike, scooter or toy could lead to a collision and serious injury.
  • The park is for all members to enjoy. Please be respectful of fellow park users and of all posted rules and all rules listed in the Residents Information Booklet which can be found at by clicking on “About NSRA” and scrolling to “Important Documents”.

 Thank you for your cooperation and please enjoy the park!