Facility rentals are exclusively for the use of members of the Northstar Residents Association (residents of Panorama Hills and Hanson Ridge).  Please refer to the information below for details about facility space, rental fees and regulations.

Room Capacity Amenities
Lower Level Recreation Room (Divided)  25 Kitchen for heating or storing food – fridge, stove, microwave and dishwasher.  No cooking or meal preparation permitted.
Lower Level Recreation Room (Full)  50 Same as above
Main Floor Marketing Room  30 Two 50 inch LCD TV’s
Main Floor Multi-Media Room 15 Fireplace, Projection Screen for Movie or Presentation Viewing, 6 Speaker Surround Sound System
Main Floor (Full) 50 All of the above
The Panorama Hills Community Centre has full WiFi coverage.  Please ask staff for the password.


Reservation Deposit: A $50.00 Non-Refundable reservation deposit is required for all rentals.  This deposit will be used towards your total rental fee but will not be refunded if you cancel your rental.  Reservation Deposit must be submitted at the time of application.  Rental date will not be held without the reservation deposit.

Hourly Rental Fee: All rentals are subject to an hourly rental fee of $15.00 + GST for a divided room or $25.00 + GST for an undivided (full) room.  All rental fees, including Security Deposit and Event Security Fee, if applicable, must be paid no less than 1 month prior to rental date.  Failure to do so will result in rental cancellation and forfeiture of reservation deposit.  All after hours rentals must be booked no less than 1 month in advance of rental date.  A minimum three hours is required for all rentals.

Event Security Fee: ALL rentals after 9:30pm are subject to a $100.00 + GST event security fee in addition to the hourly rental fee of $25.00 + GST.  This includes any rentals that begin before 9:30pm but end after 9:30pm.

Host Liquor Liability Insurance: If alcohol is being served/consumed you must purchase a liquor license and a Host Liquor Liability Insurance Policy, with a minimum of $2,000,000 liability coverage, and list the Northstar Residents Association as an additional insured on the policy.  Both the liquor license and the Host Liquor Liability Insurance must be provided to staff no less than 1 MONTH PRIOR to the rental date.  If booking is made with less than 1 month to rental date then the liquor license and insurance must be provided within 72 hours of booking. Host Liquor Liability Insurance can be purchased through Pal Insurance Brokers  Failure to provide the liquor license and/or the Host Liability Insurance coverage within the above timeframe will result in rental cancellation and loss of reservation deposit.

Security Deposit: A $250.00 refundable security deposit is required for all rentals except after hours rentals (any rental that continues past 9:30pm) which require a $500.00 refundable security deposit.  Security Deposit must be paid with credit card only – no cheques or cash will be accepted.  Security deposit will be available for pick up or credit card refund within 3 business days of rental date assuming no damage incurred from rental and/or any breach of the rules and regulations of the rental agreement.  Security Deposit may be held up to 15 business days after rental if assessment of property damage or rule violations is required.  Security Deposit must be received no less than 1 month prior to rental date.  Failure to do so will result in rental cancellation and forfeiture of reservation deposit.  Please note the following fees will be deducted from the security deposit in the event of violation:

  • Cleaning Fee: For any rental that does not return the rented space in pre-rental condition, a $100.00 + GST fee will be charged and deducted from the security deposit. Rental applicant will be provided a cleaning checklist and be given a pre-rental walkthrough of the space prior to taking possession of the requested space.  Staff will conduct a post rental walk through after clean-up is completed.

  • Late Fee: A fee of $50.00 + GST per floor rented will be charged and deducted from the security deposit for any rental group that has not cleaned up and fully vacated the rental space at the time indicated in the rental agreement.  This fee will continue to be charged for every 30 mins past the rental end time.

  • False Alarm Fee: A fee of $250.00 will be deducted from the security deposit as a result of a fire department false alarm call due to the use of an open source of flame, candles, or any behaviour that results in triggering the smoke detectors.

  • Compensatory Fees: Any damage to the rental space, facility equipment, any room, or any outdoor grounds area, whether rented or not, by the rental applicant and/or their guests will result in the deduction of fees from the security deposit to compensate for repair and or replacement costs. Additionally, fees will be deducted from the security deposit to offset any costs associated with any extra security that may be required to deal with any unruly behaviour during the rental or any fees/fines incurred by the Northstar Residents Association as a result of negligence and/or the behaviour of the rental applicant and/or the rental applicant’s guests.  Any violation of the rules, regulations and conditions of the rental agreement can and will result in the loss of the security deposit as compensation as deemed necessary by management of the Panorama Hills Community Centre and/or FirstService Residential and/or the Northstar Residents Association Board of Directors. 


A reduced rental rate is available for non-profit groups.  Proof of non-profit registration is required.  Please speak to administrative staff to inquire about discounted rate.


The park is available to be used for wedding photos but not ceremonies. Photos must be taken during regular park hours.  Any other use of park area for photo opportunities must receive prior approval from the Facility Manager. A one hour maximum time limit is allotted at no cost for members and $25.00 + GST for non-members. Both members and non-members must complete a booking request form. Please speak with administration as to where photos can be taken in the park.


Rental requests can be made by clicking the link “Request a Rental” on this website.  Please note that a rental request does not mean a rental reservation.  Staff will reply to all rental requests in 2 to 3 business days.  In all cases, rental reservations must be completed in person at the Panorama Hills Community Centre by completing a rental agreement and providing a reservation deposit.  For a complete list of rental rules and regulations please refer to the Residents Information Booklet.  You may also view a sample of our standard rental contract by clicking here.   If you have any other questions please feel free to contact the Panorama Hills Community Centre at 403-226-4FUN(4386).

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