Soul Connexion

Tiny Toes (3-4yrs)

Do you have a little one who is always bouncing around the house and starts to boogie every time a song comes on? This class is the perfect way to introduce all your little dancers to movement and music in a fun and encouraging environment. Basic Jazz and Ballet steps will be taught focusing on active body placement and awareness. The dance classes will finish with games and fun for all the dancers to enjoy. Introduce your dancer to a healthy and active lifestyle right from the start!

Kids Variety Dance (5-8yrs)

Join us for the perfect variety class ideal or those who want to try it all!  With a strong focus on jazz and ballet, students will explore elements of other dance styles including hip hop/funk, modern and tap. This is the perfect class to learn solid technique that can be applied to all other styles of dance.

Young Rembrandts - Elementary Art (6-12yrs)

Make this a memorable winter by signing up your elementary child in a Young Rembrandts drawing class. Your child will learn about basic design and composition as they draw the Fish Below Ice and Great Wall of China. If your child is fond of sports, they will enjoy drawing our illustration featuring a Hockey Player. Besides strengthening your child’s drawing and coloring skills, he or she will also learn about art history as we present lessons featuring master artists Leonardo Da Vinci and Franz Marc. Enroll your child today!


Engineering for Kids

At Engineering for Kids, our goal is to provide your child with the premier learning experience aimed at expanding their horizons into the rewarding world of science, technology, engineering, and math. Our exceptional team of educators in Calgary works with your child and helps provide a fun and challenging way to stimulate their brains through engaging hands-on activities. We offer engineering classes, clubs, camps, and more. From aerospace to mechanical engineering, there’s a workshop designed for every mind and we’re here to teach them all!

Ozobot Junior Robotics: Code & Create (4-6yrs)

Discover the wild world of robots. They will work as young scientists, engineers, and mathematicians to create colour patterns and code their Ozobot to solve puzzles, traverse mazes, dance and even go bowling! This  highly engaging program builds early STEM and spatial skills. Together we will foster a love of science, exploration, and nature.

The sky’s the limit when you bring your imagination to the table!

Mechatronics Master Minds: Young Inventors! (Ages 7-12) 

During the program kids will build, create, and invent as they explore the basics of mechatronics engineering, logic-based programming using littleBit. They will work together to design gadgets, tools, and machines from self-driving vehicles and art machines to a  chain Reaction Contraption. Our mission is to empower everyone to create and invent. LEARN THROUGH INVENTION!


Sportball has been encouraging kids to “play with passion, play for fun” since 1995, when we first introduced our innovative multi-sport programming. Sportball was one of the first programs of its kind to focus on building developmentally appropriate skills through non-competitive sports, games and activities – and the company keeps evolving to make sure that it delivers the best in sports programming for kids under 12.

PARENTED PROGRAM (2-3YRS) In our Parent & Child classes children are introduced to the fundamental skills associated with a variety of different sports. Structured around a play-based curriculum, these classes are a fantastic kick start for an active life. Depending on the location, children can experience a different sport in each and every week!

UNPARENTED PROGRAM (3-5YRS) In our un-parented classes. children learn the fundamentals of eight different sports in a fun, stress-free, non-competitive setting. These classes keep children moving and engaged and send them home with a new skill from a Different sport each class. If you’re looking for a way to give your child a well-rounded sports-base, that promotes their independence and leaves room for specialization later, look no further.


NEW! Seiyu Karate (5yrs and 6yrs and Up; suitable for families)

Sensei Michi has been training in Karate for 18 years, and is an experienced international competitor. He is also a past Canadian Kumite (Fighting) Champion and a National Team member, representing Canada twice, at the World Karate Championship.  He has instructed a wide range of age groups, from children to adults, at varying levels, including beginners and top international competitors in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, and Japan. Sensei Michi is also a father of fiver and a pilot with WestJet.

In this Seiyu Karate Class, you will learn the key elements of this demanding art, including balance, stretching, coordination, unity, self-confidence, respect and discipline. You will learn essential self-defence techniques such and blocking and attacking, kata (forms), and kumite (sparring) while practicing with others at your own level and at your own pace. It is suitable for people of all ages who are looking for a demanding workout while learning martial arts and self-defence skills. 

NEW! Colour on Fire: Youth Art Program (13-17yrs)

Colour On Fire Art Studio (COF) is an inspiring ga thering place for students and teachers to reflect, plan and share. Students can attend class in an experiential, hands-on learning environment. COF programs connect students to artwork through a variety of  engaging access points. Using a constructivist approach to art education the programs make connections between students, the community and art in a variety of interesting and meaningful ways. Programs focus on visual literacy, experimentation, collaboration,  problem solving, innovation, and interaction. COF provides expertise and unique experiences for students and sometimes we involve local artists to participate.

COF Art Classes will encourage your teen to delve into their imagination and develop their own personal style as they paint and create, whether they are a beginner or have previously acquired skills. Art education teaches students visual literacy - how to interpret, criticize and use visual information to make choices based on what they see. We use a variety of materials and techniques in our classes. Art education strengthens problem solving and critical thinking skills and develops a sense of innovation which is important for people of all ages!  Each session takes youth 13 - 17 years to the next level as they explore various techniques and mediums.

Little Medical School (4-6 and 7-12)

Little Medical School - Calgary brings medicine, science, and the importance of health to children in an entertaining, exciting, and fun way. We provide a complete minimedical school experience to kids ages 4 - 12 which is aligned with STEM-based curriculum  objectives allowing children to explore the field of medicine through hands-on interactive instruction, role play, crafts and games. Children will have so much fun as they dress up like doctors, use medical instruments and learn how the body works. By participating in these role-playing experiences, Little Medical School® is inspiring tomorrow’s doctors today!

Six weeks of content where kids will learn about the heart, lungs, digestive system, medical instruments, as well as learning some basic suturing skills! They get to take home their own real working stethoscope, doctor’s white coat and more at the end of the  program.