Annual General Meeting

Northstar Residents Association Ltd.

Annual General Meeting

Thursday October 28, 2021 at 7:00 pm

Virtual Meeting via Zoom



Dear Member,


On behalf of the Board of Directors (the "Board" or the "Directors") of The Northstar Residents Association Ltd. (NSRA), I am delighted to invite you to attend our 2021 Annual General Meeting (AGM). Based on the health orders from the Province of Alberta and the City of Calgary, we will be hosting the meeting virtually. 

We will present the NSRA's audited financial statements for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2021 and members will be asked to elect several positions on the board of directors for the current fiscal year. Amongst other business and resolutions to be discussed and voted on, we will also be sharing more plans for our community capital development projects.


The Directors consider that the resolutions to be voted on at the AGM are in the best interests of the NSRA, the community of Panorama Hills and the NSRA members as a whole. The Directors unanimously recommend members to vote in favour of these resolutions at the AGM, as the Directors themselves intend to do in respect of their own benefits as members of the NSRA.


If you are unable to attend the AGM, please complete and sign the attached proxy form and deliver it to either: The Panorama Hills Community Centre, by regular mail, fax to 403-226-5682 or email to


If we do not have a quorum, the AGM cannot take place. In that event, a subsequent meeting will be held one week later, on Thursday, November 4, 2021 at 7:00pm.


Members attending the meeting will have the opportunity to ask questions on the AGM resolutions and other topics of relevance to our business.


I look forward to seeing you at this year's AGM.


Troy Davis

President, Northstar Residents Association Ltd. (NSRA)

Panorama Hills - Calgary, Alberta


Download NSRA 2021 AGM Package

Please use this link to register for the AGM -


A link will be sent to prior to the meeting.

If you can not attend please complete a proxy form. Please click on the link below to complete a a proxy and submit to the board of Directors at

                                                                                           NSRA 2021 Proxy Form



  1. Call to order and Election of the Chair for the Meeting 

  2. Determination of a Quorum

  3. Determination of Scrutineers for Board Member voting 

  4. Proof of Notice of Annual General Meeting

  5. Introduction of Board of Directors

  6. Adoption of the Minutes of the prior year AGM, held on September 22, 2020 

  7. Approval of the Audited Financial Statements for year ending March 31, 2021

  8. Approval of Appointment of the Auditors for 2021/2022

  9. Approval of Special Resolutions

    1. Name change - Panorama Hills Residents Association

    2. Memorandum of Association Amendments

    3.  Articles of Association Amendments

  10. Approval of Community Enhancement Plan

    1. ELM - Enhanced Landscape Maintenance Program​

    2. PHCC Expansion Project

  11. Election of the Board of Directors

  12. Adjournment

AGM Content

Special Resolutions

Name change - Panorama Hills Residents Association 

Over the years there has been lots of confusion with regards to our legal name The Northstar Residents Association Ltd. and Panorama Hills Community Centre. The board feels that a simple name change will eliminate the confusion.

Amendments to Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association

The Board of Directors hired a third party to review and recommend updates to legal documents. IntegralOrg assists nonprofit with all aspects of their organizations. The original documents were created by the land developer - Genstar at the time of incorporation in 2000. They were originally designed to help manage the association and get the community ready for turn over to its members. The new documents are based on the latest version of the Companies Act and remove all reference to Genstar.

Community Enhancement Plan

ELM - Enhanced Landscape Maintenance Program​

The Enhanced Landscape Maintenance (ELM) program, offered by the City of Calgary, is a community-initiated program that fosters connectivity, community pride and enhances the visual esthetics of a neighbourhood. When a community enters the program, it allows them to become stewards of the greenspaces, boulevards, pathways or parks within their Neighbourhood –essentially partnering with Parks in the Service Delivery Continuum.

A participating ELM community, through their stewardship, ensures the following are completed:

The foundation of the program is that the annual funds designated to the greenspace in the community is given to the residents association and they enter into an agreement with a contractor. The designated funds are enough to maintain the City of Calgary's current level of service. 

The ELM contract is five years in length between the NSRA and City of Calgary. However the NSRA with the support of Panorama Hills Estates Homeowners Association (PHEHA) can determine the contract length with the contractor we select.

PHCC Expansion Project

Our goal is to create a hub that the community members can use to foster a deeper sense of community through environments that are holistic, open, inviting, integrated, collaborative, interactive, multi-generational and anchored in social connections. Based on feedback from our members, the Board of Directors has created a community enhancement plan that will provide additional value to our members through the creation of modern and sustainable facilities and amenities that would meet the ongoing needs of the NSRA members. The Board of Directors proposes an expanded community centre. Please visit the Enhancement Plan section of our website.

Election of Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is currently looking for some passionate, dedicated, and qualified community members to help serve on a variety of member driven committees. If you are looking for a way to drive change within your community, getting involved with these committees may be for you.

Candidates may be nominated by members, provided that such nominations are submitted in writing to the President of the Board of Directors and delivered to the Community Centre or by emailing the completed and signed form below to, no later than 5:00pm on Monday October 21st, 2021. The Director candidates running for open positions with the most votes will be elected for a two (2) year term beginning October 2021 and ending October 2023.

Board of Directors Nomination Form

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