Frequently Asked Questions

What is a ELM Program?

The City of Calgary has a program called ELM. Enhanced Landscape Maintenance.

The Enhanced Landscape Maintenance (ELM) program is a community-initiated program that fosters connectivity, community pride and enhances the visual esthetics of a neighbourhood.

When a community enters the program, it allows them to become stewards of the greenspaces, boulevards, pathways or parks within their Neighbourhood –essentially partnering with Parks in the Service Delivery Continuum.

What extra services will be provided?

Our designated contractor will:

  1. Weekly Turf control – mow and trim versus Bi-Weekly service we currently receive.
  2. Weekly Litter control
  3. Weekly cultivation and edging of shrub beds
  4. Routine weeding and assessment
  5. Bi-weekly full bed maintenance (14 Visits)
  6. Irrigation will be turned on in major greenspaces
  7. Fertilization program in major greenspaces
  8. Weed Control in major greenspaces

How much will the ELM program cost the Residents Association?

The NSRA will receive the annual operating grant from The City of Calgary Parks department that is paid to provide the current level of service.

The Board of Directors will then designate an additional amount in each years annual budget.The expectation for 2022 is $150,000. Which is approxiamately $23 per household.

Your annual RA fee will not increase.

What areas of the community are covered in this program?

The program incudes all City of Calgary owned greenspaces in Panorama Hills. This includes boulevards, parks, sports fields and all flower/shrub/tree beds in the parks. The City of Calgary will continue to look after: Pathways Playgrounds Shelters and park amenities Garbage containers Urban Forestry - the trees in all the City owned land including medians Street signs Control Lights

How long does the ELM program run for?

We have to commit to a 5 year contract with the City of Calgary.

Is there a demand for an ELM Program?

The NSRA has been actively collecting data from members since 2017 through a series of events and surveys. With over 10000 respondents in that time, we feel confident that we have enough information to warrant the Landscape Maintenance Program.

The results have led us to recognize a demand for increased services that we are not currently able to provide given our current facilities and maintenance staff.

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