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Enhanced Landscape Maintenance 

The City of Calgary has a program called ELM. Enhanced Landscape Maintenance.


The Enhanced Landscape Maintenance (ELM) program is a community-initiated program that fosters connectivity, community pride and enhances the visual esthetics of a neighbourhood.



When a community enters the program, it allows them to become stewards of the greenspaces, boulevards, pathways or parks within their neighbourhood –essentially partnering with Parks in the Service Delivery Continuum.

A participating ELM community, through their stewardship, ensures the following are completed:

The foundation of the program is that the annual funds designated to the greenspace in the community is given to the residents association and they enter into an agreement with a contractor. The designated funds are enough to maintain the City of Calgary current level of service. See Schedule 1



The ELM contract is 5 years in length between the NSRA and City of Calgary. However the NSRA with the support of PHEHA can determine the contract length with the contractor we select through a RFP Tender process.


Approval is needed from the PHEHA - Panorama Hills Estates Homeowners Association AGM  and the NSRA - Northstar Residents Association Ltd. AGM.

Additional services recommendations:


Our designated contractor will:


  1. Weekly Grass/Turf control – cut and trim (22 Visits)

  2. Weekly Litter control

  3. Cultivation and edging of shrub beds

  4. Routine weeding and assessment

  5. Bed maintenance  to the 464 Flower/Shrub/Tree beds


City of Calgary Additional Services:


  1. Irrigation in major greenspaces

  2. Fertilization program in major greenspaces

  3. Aeration in major greenspaces

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