Member Engagement

Engagement is ensuring all initiatives aim to be inclusive and accessible and meet the diverse and dynamic needs of our community members. Engagement will aim to focus on the strengths of our community to address barriers. We are committed to remaining transparent when developing processes and delivering outcomes of engagement within the community of Panorama Hills.

Completing the feasibility study, and reviewing the information provided to us by members, we are better able to understand the constraints that we face as an organization. We understand that the current facility does not meet the needs of the community. Members need a "Hub" where they can foster connections through holistic, open and inviting, and collaborative spaces that is both sustainable and future proof. 

In an effort to be inclusive and transparent, we want to share our Action Plan with you. These are all of the ways that we want to connect with you on this proposed project.

Project Manager
In early 2021 the Capital Development Committee issued and Request for Proposals for a Project Manager. By engaging with a Project Manager at this point in the process, we are able to ensure that we have all relevant information available to present to our Members as we come to discuss and discover more about a potential expansion project at the Panorama Hills Community Centre. 

After reviewing several applications, and considering a number of presentations and interviews, the NSRA Capital Development Committee engaged with Lawson Projects to help guide us through this process. They will:

  • Engage with all community Stakeholders through a variety of events and opportunities

  • Define usage requirements

  • Create facility concepts

  • Identify the cost of expansion

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More Ways to Get Involved
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