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To increase community pride and provide maximum value through The Enhanced  Landscape Maintenance Program and the expansion of The Panorama Hills Community Centre. Our goal is to create a hub that community members can use to foster a deep sense of community. This is to be done through environments that are holistic, open, inviting, integrated, collaborative, interactive, multi-generational and anchored in social connections. To provide the maximum value to our resident members, the NSRA requires an upgrade of amenities so we may meet the needs of our diverse community



To Understand and provide additional value to our members through modernization and sustainable facilities that provide increased accessibility to the community bringing the facility and organization front of mind for 6656 homes. There is a desire to expand the indoor square footage of the PHCC and create more useable and multi-functional spaces for members to congregate, host events and attend programs and connect, and for PHCC staff to have access to more space for operational requirements. 

The Enhanced Landscape Maintenance (ELM) program is a community-initiated program that fosters connectivity, community pride and enhances the visual esthetics of a neighbourhood.The residents association will become stewards of the greenspaces, boulevards and parks within their community.

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