Frequently Asked Questions

What is a feasibility study?

Based on feedback dating back to 2017, that NSRA Board of Directors determined that we needed to understand what possibilities were available to us regarding a potential expansion of the Panorama Hills Community Centre (PHCC), and have a clear understanding of the constraints the current building and space. This was to be achieved through the completion of a feasibility study. The capital development committee issued a tender to find an architect to complete the study, and after a series of thorough interviews, JVHA was selected to complete the requested study. A completed study is used to determine the viability of an expansion project. This is the first step in a long process and is not a commitment to an expansion. It is merely a collection of data to determine if it is possible. This project will be voted on by the NSRA members at an Annual General Meeting or Special Meeting.d a new question go to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.

How much will the expansion cost?

At this point in the process, we do not know how much an expansion will cost. Projects like this typically cost between $2 - $4 million. Our next step will be to increase community engagement, finding out what our members would like to see in a potential expansion. Once that step is complete, we will have a set of schematic drawings created to find out the projected cost. The Audit and Finance Committee monitors our capital reserve and will determine if the project, as presented at that time, is financially feasible.

How will the expansion be paid for? Will my resident’s association fees go up with the new expansion?

The expansion project will be paid for using our capital reserve money and potentially a short term loan. Resident Assocation (RA) fees will not increase because of this project.

This project will be voted on by the members at an AGM or Special meeting.

What is the timeline for a potential expansion project?

We are in the first step of a long process. Now that we understand our physical constraints in our current space, we can move forward with understanding what members want in an expansion. Please look at our expansion section on our website for an overview of the process: We will be spending a considerable amount of time in 2021 to move the process forward and we will be providing firm timelines as we are able. checkbox in the settings tab.

How will the expansion project effect usage of park and other amenities?

Once we know more about the type of expansion we may be moving forward with, a project plan will be created. The construction project will likely be in a phased approach so that we can maximize the use of as many current features as we can throughout the construction phase. Part of the feasibility study took in to consideration all the parking regulations. The park should be always open as long it is safe to do so. We might have to use different entrance strategies or have temporary closures but ultimately, there will be some type of limited access through the project.

Is there a demand for an expansion?

The NSRA has been actively collecting data from members since 2017 through a series of events and surveys. With over 9000 respondents in that time, we feel confident that we have enough information to warrant the exploration of an expansion project.

The results have led us to recognize a demand for increased services that we are not currently able to provide given our current facilities.

Our goal is to create a hub that the community members can use to foster connection through environments that are holistic, open, inviting, integrated, collaborative, interactive, multi-generational and anchored in social connections. This will help ensure a sustainable community space that stays relevant to recreational programming and community trends for future years.

Will residents have a say in the design of the facility?

One of our top priorities is to have our members involved in the design process. We will be conducting a series of engagement events including Open Houses, Surveys, Townhalls and more to get feedback from members. We are dedicated to getting as much feedback as possible during our targeted engagement phase and beyond. We have been collecting survey information since 2017 from residents and it is that information that acted as a driver to move forward with this study.