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Important Forms

For Lawyers & Realtors:

All home sales within the community of Panorama Hills are required to submit an Encumbrance Fee Request Form.

Encumbrance Request Form

Lawyers, we request that you communicate with buyers that they must provide a copy of the new Certificate of Title once the purchase of a home is complete. This allows the NSRA to update ownership information. Submission of the Encumbrance Request Form does not provide us with the appropriate information to update this information. New Certificate of Titles can be submitted to

We also encourage you to share the Northstar Residents Association Ltd. Residents Information Booklet with the new homeowner. You can access a copy HERE. You can also encourage them to bring in a complete PHCC Membership Profile Update form. 

For Landlords:

Access Privileges for Tenants

Landlords who would like to transfer their privileges to allow tenants the opportunity to access to the Panorama Hills Community Centre for rentals, programs, events and general use, must provide the NSRA with written confirmation that these privileges may be transferred to the their tenant. Please verify that the form is completed in full and submitted to the Northstar Residents Association Ltd. by sending a copy to or faxing to 403-226-5682.


Please Note: The Property owner is responsible to pay the annual Residents Association fee

Facility Access Form - Tenants (must be completed by the homeowner or property management company)

Membership Profile Update 

Use this form to update the Northstar Residents Association for changes in contact information, residents in the home, mailing address and to notify us of a Property Manager. 

PHCC Membership Profile Update Form

Guest List Request Form

Do you have more than 10 guests that you would like to bring to the Park? Submit the Guest List Form at least 72 hours in advance.

Guest List Form

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