NSRA Community Maintenance Responsibility

Snow Removal

In 2017, The Northstar Residents Association Ltd. Board of Directors entered into an agreement with the City of Calgary to have over 8km of pathways cleared and maintained during the winter over a period of 5 years.  This is in addition to the pathways that the Northstar Residents Association already owns and maintains regularly.  The NSRA Board of Directors made the decision that the snow and ice build up on the pathways was a danger to all residents of Panorama Hills that utilize the pathways. Having additional pathways cleared of ice and snow will make it safer for everyone and increase community walkability during the winter months.  Please note that not all pathways in Panorama Hills will be cleared due to pathway width and safety issues with the use of snow clearing equipment.  Below is a map of the City of Calgary controlled pathways that will be maintained (route in red) throughout the winter months.  

Year Round Maintenance on Select Areas

The Northstar Residents Association Ltd. is responsible for the operation and maintenance of various entry features and amenities throughout the community. These include various entryways, pathways, fountains and open park space. 

For more information on each site that the NSRA is responsible for, click on the         icons on the map below. If you have any questions about the maintenance of any of these sites, please do not hesitate to contact us at 403.226.4386 or you can send us an email at maintenance@mypanoramahills.com .  To view a full sized image of this map, click HERE. (Icons are not visible on mobile site - please view desktop site for the details)

If the area you are inquiring about is not listed on this map, you can contact the City of Calgary by dialing 3-1-1 and speaking to a city representative.

If you are inquiring about a location that is listed on the map, or one you're not sure about, let us know! Click HERE to submit a Maintenance Inquiry. 

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