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Panorama Hills Play Hubs


The Northstar Residents Association Ltd. (NSRA) is proud to take on our very own Play Hub in partnership with the Vivo Play Project. Modelled after the Vivo Play Project's Community Play
Hubs and working closely with the Vivo Play Project team, we are excited to bring this long term, sustainable, play solution to the parks throughout Panorama Hills for everyone to enjoy and take advantage of.

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Free Play

Our spaces are designed for people to play their way. We provide a outdoor space, the parts, and the facilitators - after that, the participants are free to use their imagination and just play.

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Risky Play

“When we have kids engage in play, it’s really a fundamental way for them to figure out the world — how the world works, how their body works,” Mariana Brussoni

Risky play helps develop a child’s self-confidence, resilience, executive functioning abilities and risk-management skills.

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Loose Parts

Tires, PVC pipes, cardboard, rope, old sinks, shovels, fire pits, string, fabric, and water are just some of the things you can expect to find at one of our play hubs. Maybe you want to try and build a zipline or a rocket ship! Maybe you just want to roll a tire down a hill - the choice is yours!

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We are designed to be lifelong players, built to benefit from play at any age.

- Stuart Brown, MD

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