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Getting To Know Your Play Ambassadors

We have an amazing team of professional play people! They are dedicated to being builders and story tellers, movers and shakers, growers of imagination and fun. They promise to make all of your play experiences ones that you'll never forget! 



Hi!! My name is Dom and I am a Play Ambassador. This fall I will be going into my third year of Computer Science at the University of Alberta - Augustana Campus. I love playing basketball and staying active in multiple ways. I can’t wait to get outside with you guys this summer!!



Hi, my name is Tamilore and I am a play ambassador for the Panorama hills community centre. I am a 1st year student in computer science at university of Calgary. I like to have fun and play sports like basketball and soccer and I can’t wait to see you all at the play hubs. 



My name is Lotanna, I am a kinesiology student going into my third year. I enjoy playing soccer, basketball and getting fit in my free time. Excited to be outside and meet everyone at our play hubs this summer!



Hi my name is Matthew and I am going into my third year of Finance at Mount Royal University. I love to play basketball and football in my free time while staying active in the gym! I am super excited to meet the new faces at our play hubs this summer!!!



Hello! My name is Ethan and I will be one of the play ambassadors at Panorama this summer. I am currently a university student in business, and I enjoy playing basketball and hiking during my free time. I can’t wait to see everyone’s creativity and play!

When we talk about the great workers of the world, we really mean the great players of the world.

- Mark Twain

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