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Free Tax Clinic For Qualifying Members

The Northstar Residents Association Ltd. is working with the Calgary Chinese Community Service Association to offer a free tax clinic for lower income Panorama Hills Residents.

Tues., March 24 & Thurs., March 26| 6P-9P

Saturday, March 28 | 10AM - 3PM

Tues., April 14 & Thurs., April 16 | 6P-9P

Saturday, April 18 | 10AM - 3PM

The tax service is free for Panorama Hills clients who meet the following criteria:

  • Single income not over $37,000

  • Couple income not over $52,000 (add additional $2,500 for each dependent person)

  • Interest income is $1000 or less

  • No overseas properties over $100,000 in value.

  • Cannot be self-employed, no capital gains or employment expenses

  • No rental income

  • Did not file bankruptcy in 2019

  • Must be able to sign an authorization form in person.

Bring following documents if you have them:

  • Any Tax Slips such as T4, T4A(OAS), T5, T5007, T2202,

  • Unclaimed Medical Expense

  • Last Year’s Tax Assessment

  • Photo ID

The Tax Service is offered by the Calgary Chinese Community Service Association.

Please contact 403.265.8446 for further questions or to book an appointment

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