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Pathways to Learning Playschool

Welcome to the Play School at Panorama Hills! Operating for 15 years, this program is a staple in our community and we are committed to ensuring that your children have a fun, well rounded and educational experience with us!

While the Panorama Hills Play school is not a licensed preschool, we take just as much care to provide an enriching environment that will meet all the needs of your child and they prepare for their "big kid school" experience. From name and letter recognition, early reading steps, as well as fun, interactive activities to develop fine and gross motor skills, your child will be fully engaged in their time with us.

Our instructors carefully plan each day, with physical activity, science, fine arts, music and so much more! We have field trips to local businesses, visits with the Library, emergency response teams, and other programs to ensure that each child has the opportunity to be exposed to new and exciting experiences.

Why the Name Change?

Pathways is a way to use to pay homage to the many ways our children learn and experience life and honour the physical pathways in our community that bring our participants to us each day. 

Please Note:

Children MUST be the age of 3 on or before the start of the first week

Children must be completely potty trained - No Exceptions. Pull Ups are not permitted.

Registration Opens October 28 at 10:00AM

To register online, click HERE.

To register in person, come visit us at 88 Panamount Hill NW.

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