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PHCC Re-Opening Is Coming Your Way!

We are excited to announce an anticipated reopening of the Park at the Panorama Hills Community Centre on July 3, 2020!

Hours: 9AM -9PM | 7 Days/Week


We know that everyone is itching to get back to a sense of normal and we are so thrilled to be a part of that!

So, what will re-opening at the PHCC look like?

Park: Groups will be limited to 15 people, with a maximum of 50 people allowed in the park at one time. No outside guests(Non-members) are permitted at this time. As stated by the Province, physical distancing limits must be followed.

Facility: The facility is NOT yet open for rentals or program use. The facility will not be open for use until clear guidance is given by the Province. The PHCC facility is currently scheduled to reopen with the Phase 3 relaunch.

Splash Park: The Splash Park is currently not open and will remained closed until we again, receive clear direction from the Province.

What Amenities ARE Available? We have used the last few months as an opportunity to get some amazing things put together at the Park for you!

NEW Tennis Court! We have a brand new Tennis/Multi Sport court coming just for you and it is scheduled to be completed in time for re-opening! This 50x100ft multi use court, will be available for Pickleball, Tennis and Volleyball at scheduled times. The court will start as a first come, first served system and we will move to booking times as needed. Please respect your fellow players by sharing the space or team up with your neighbours and have spirited game of doubles! Please limit play time to 1 hour, especially if there are others waiting.

NEW Outdoor Washrooms! Here's another great addition coming at you. While you've been away, we've been hard at working getting an additional washroom built outside! No more coming into the facility to use the facilities and this means the lower floor will be available in its entirety to rent during the Spring and Summer months once rentals begin again! Please Note: Guests are required to bring all their own equipment. No equipment rentals (Tennis, Basketball, etc.) will be available.

NEW Gazebos and Picnic Areas! Over time, we have received lots of feedback that there wasn't enough seating or covered areas. We are excited to unveil 2 new gazebos and the addition of 10 new picnic tables! We have also added a beautiful pair of Adirondack chairs, giving you the best view in the whole park.

But that's not all! We're not just focused on what's going on at the Park, but also what's going on out in the community as well. We have expanded our in house maintenance program, bringing the work on our DC Sites away from a contractor and putting it the hands of our amazing Maintenance Team. For a list of sites our team will be taking care of, check out our Maintenance Map . We've also started planting some beautiful flowers at each of our sites, and the seasonal decorative planters have gotten their Spring upgrade. There have also been an additional 8 decorative planters placed throughout the community.

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